About PFS

The Personalized Floral Service Network Program
Featuring Independently Floral Owned One Stop Shopping Web Stores.

This Floral network features National Web Stores and Local Web Stores. Through the national stores, products will be drop shipped from the manufacturer, directly to the florist or consumer in the name of the florist web store it was ordered from.

The Local Store will feature all of the products carried by the local florist that are available for same day delivery. Flowers, gifts, local services, etc.

Each order placed through these web stores is the, ?exclusive customer? to each Independent Florist member from which the web store order information was derived. The PFS Association manages in conjunction with each florist; procurement, advertising and delivery of all supporting products that are sold as a result of the various interactions that occur within the web stores.

These new One-Stop Shopping web stores are an integral function used by independent floral owners who are coming together in a multi-level, multi-faceted communication network. This network is designed to offer each local retail customer the highest level of Personalized Floral Service any where in the U.S., directly through your local florist.

PFS Association, Inc. Management Company
The PFS Association is a management and hosting company exclusively representing its independent florist members. The PFS Association has key entities that work for its independent florists:

  • Online Services

  • Business-to-business sales organization

  • Business-to-consumer sales organization.

Exclusively through these entities product vendors, service companies, sales organizations and other partnered web sites are all customized directly through each florist in its specific local market.

This allows you, the consumer, to confidently walk directly into your local florist personally or by phone or online and order your gifts through your local florist. Call us anytime.

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